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95% of people lose money investing.


Most people do not know how to pick great companies or when to buy and sell, and wind up investing from a position of fear. Their frustration continues every time they try the next investing service that fails them. 


I used to be one of the 95%. For 20-years I invested from a position of fear. Twice I lost 50% of the value of my investment portfolios in bear markets I never saw coming. All the trading systems, courses, newsletters and financial "gurus" I tried only led to more disappointment. 


When I finally figured out why we are all instinctually horrible, emotional investors and how to replace emotions with my own research, I joined the 5% of people who consistently make money investing.


Don't blindly believe me. Make me prove it to you that I know what I'm talking about by joining me on a life-changing journey as I help you invest with confidence. 

Crocker Capital Wealth Management

Do you have a retirement account but you...

  • Don't have the time to do your own investment research?
  • Don't know how to do your own investment research?
  • Don't know when to buy and sell?

Have a time-tested professional do it all for you.


Speak directly with John Crocker to see if you qualify by clicking the BOOK CONSULTATION button now.

Ultimate Options Formula

Trade options like a Wall Street insider in 45 days or less!


95% of people lose money investing because they don't know how to find great companies and don't know when to buy and sell. 


John Crocker's Ultimate Options Formula is a 6-week online program helping you find great companies, know when to buy and sell, and how to confidently multiply your stock gains with options.

Stocks Video Trade Service

Experience my fool-proof video trades exposing all the best stocks and leveraged funds and when to buy and sell them with confidence in 20 minutes or less.


These trades work for both "old salt" and "newbie" investors alike. 


These trades are without a doubt the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to finally making money in both up and down markets. 


And by joining today, you'll have immediate access to my videos, reports and trades through your membership to my Ultimate Stock Trades, Ultimate Options Trades or both.

Options Video Trade Service

Experience my fool-proof video trades allowing you to buy and sell Options with ninja-like precision in 20 minutes or less.


John Crocker holds your hand as he takes you click-by-click through every trade so you can't screw it up.


These trades are without a doubt the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to finally making money in up, down and sideways markets. 


And by joining today, you'll have immediate access to my videos, reports and trades through your membership to my Ultimate Options Trades, Ultimate Stock Trades or both.

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